Chord Broken Rose - Queen Of The Night

[Intro]  Am Em F G Am 2x

Am                              Em                
Say goodnight my little angel, hail your name
F                    G                Am
God, your the queen of the night
Am                          Em                                F
Everytime I see your faces, bright light comin' through your eyes
G                          Am
Confuse my lonely mind

Am Em F G Am 2x

Am                    Em                   F
I'm sinking fallen into deep and i know
            G                 Am
that I'm loosing up a bit
Am                             Em                                      F
Oh my god, now I am realize, I'm hopeless and I'm helpless
     G                        Am
I'm lost without your bless

                   Dm                                    G
Wishing you well, remember me that's I wanted to
G          C                  Am                    F
Say hallelujah in your dream and every night
                  Dm                                         G
I'll kiss the demon for your smile inside my heart

                F                       G                          Am
Oh no my queen I'll be the one who save your fragile heart
       F               G               Am
Just fall a sleep, here by my side
          F         G                    Em                         Am
Listen up, I'll be the one who save you from your cry
            F              G                      Am
Oh my queen, just stay here by my side

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[Reff] 2x 
Am Em F G Am 2x
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