Chord Broken Rose - Die For Something

[Intro]  Am C F E 2x

Am                              C
Let me tell you story about a pain
Am                                        E
It will hunt you down and leave the stain, so give it a think
Am                            C
When someone's hurt nobody care
F                                           E
When a children's being left, hey it's not fair

Am C F E 

Am                      C
I wonder is this happiness?
Am                                  Em
All i know this life is just a mess, it's like a poison kiss
Am                                 G
Sometimes it's useless when you crying
C                                  E
No one will help to wipe those tears

C                 Am
Some won't survive, the evil break their gut
C            Em
But i will try, i'll put it in a fight


Am                     C                                  Dm
I better die for something, cause i won't live for nothing
E                                        Am
They could burn and crush me all they want
Leave me if you want to, kill me if you need to
            Dm                              Am
You could drink my blood i don't care anymore

Am C F E 2X

Am                           C
Life is tough, it's cruel enough to break you in a half. So listen,
Am                                     E
So don't surrender not this time, so take a breath say a grace
Am                          G
I'll take a bullet in this fight and i'll be bleed to reach the light

Am                                 E                          Dm
No one stop me in this war, cause i don't care even if i die

                Am                          Dm
Some wont survive, the evil break their gut
               Em                     Am
But I will try, i'll put it in a fight

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