Chord Broken Rose - Burn Me Nicely

Em B Em B
Am Dm G Em Am B

Em D#/B Em

A deathwish for myself would be enough
Em                                         B
Oh babe, i hope you would to kill this love
Am                          G             Em            Am
I'm trying to wipe this tears, but i couldn't face my fear
Am                         B
Afraid to lose you oh my dear

Em D#/B Em
Correct me if i'm wrong my lovely queen
Em                                        B
You hurt me bad inside and broke this dream
Am                           Dm         G                 Em
Hey babe look what you've done, i guess you're not so kind
Am                            B
And you have cheating everyone

Am                                       B
You've ruin my sacrifice and now i'm dying
C                                        D
And stabbed my broken heart with painfull lies

C         D              G
Burn me nicely oh my dear
          Em                Am            B                 Em
Break my heart and make me feel, i am worthless in your dream
C         D               Em         G                C
Keep me crying all this years, bury me inside this fear
D                          Em       C-B
Let me love you from this grave

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