Chord Anggun - Savior

[Intro] Dm-Am (4x)

        Am       Em
Somewhere between my sleep
        Am      Em
Somewhere beneathmy skin
       Dm   Am
In place I can’t see

        F       Em
Something is know to be a sin
       Am    Em
Hiding inside my eyes
          Am   Em
Burning from deep within
          Dm    Am
Something that needs a lie
       F      Em
Trying to turn into a sin

Dm            Am
Rescue me before I lose control
Dm               Am
Rescue me from this fire in my soul
            F             Dm
There’s only you who can stop me from falling
       G          F
I need a savior, need my savior

Dm           Am
Rescue me before I lose my head
Dm                 Am
Rescue me from the sight of regret
        F                Dm
Cause only your love can stop me from wanting
G           F
I need a savior, you’re my savior

        Am     Em
Knocking behind my door
        Am  Em
Asking to be let in
        Dm Am
Something I have ignored
Wanting to be a sin
        Am      Em
It’s been around for so long

         Am  Em
and waiting to begin
         Dm    Am
I know that it’s so wrong
       F   E
Can’t let it be a sin

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